Experience, knowledge and an eye for detail

Construction company Cor Koper works for architects, private individuals and companies. As a specialist in customization, we do not shy away from the improvement. Our strength: our experience and our knowledge of business. We think from the practice with the client in order to achieve the best result for every assignment - large or small.

To build and renovate, renovate and restore, direct and implement, guide and advise.


Cor Koper started in 1993 as a one-man business. Today it is a lean and flexible SME company. We are involved builders and unconditionally choose the power of craftsmanship. We can boast years of experience, work together with the best specialists and can rely on the right partner for every discipline. From concrete to painting, from installer to electrician.


As a construction company, we respect our environment. We opt for sustainable materials and are at the forefront when it comes to new construction techniques. We can be found at construction projects throughout the Netherlands.

Curious? Or building plans?

Feel free to contact us, we would like to make you acquainted. You can call us or send us an e-mail.

Sponsoring Heerhugowaard City Run. Foto © Richard Rood

Sponsoring lokaal wielerteam in Noord-Holland. Foto © Jasmijn Slegh

Our professionals

  • Cor Koper

    Founder, co-owner
  • Roel Koper

  • Pim de Waard

  • Guusta Koper

    Administrative assistant
  • Peter Loos

  • Peter van Stralen

  • Steve de Hoog

  • George Goedhart

  • Jesse Roos

    Apprentice carpenter
  • Rick van Kooten


Our company is affiliated with BouwGarant, the largest quality mark of construction in the Netherlands. This offers our customers, in addition to clarity, additional guarantees and securities such as a comprehensive complaints procedure and the possibility to call in a disputes committee. BouwGarant periodically tests the affiliated companies for quality, craftsmanship, expertise and insurances.

Bouwend Nederland encourages the development of our sector and supports contractors in a professional business. As a member of this association Cor Koper Bouwbedrijf has all the knowledge and instruments to offer quality and service at a high level.